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Our Process

We’re able to help clients sidestep many market downturns and focus on their financial goals because we take an individualized approach to each and every situation. Just like we aren’t an Oreo advisor, we know that you’re not an Oreo client!

Our process includes:


Using a goal-based planning approach, we align each and every investment strategy to our clients and their needs. Knowing where you are today can help us plan for where you want to be tomorrow.

Gather Data

We believe that an informed investor is a powerful investor which is why we explore your options together and answer any questions you have. We diligently screen investments and do our due diligence before presenting any recommendations.

Take Action

Now, we implement our plan. Each strategy is customized to the individual client.


This last step is where we set ourselves apart. We don’t just build a plan and then set it on the shelf to collect dust. We are always monitoring our clients’ plans and adapt as needed. This includes helping them avoid downturns in the market to capitalize their growth.

We understand that our clients are concerned with market volatility and do everything we can to protect their hard-earned retirement savings. Let’s plan for your retirement so you don’t have to attend the funeral of your own 401(k)!

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